Urban Classics Animal Mixed Pull Over Jacket

Urban Classics Animal Mixed Pull Over Jacket black/snowtiger - L

Fancy a city tiger in hipster look? Great, it so happens that we have just the right jacket for you! This trendy pullover jacket features the authentic urban look and is perfectly combinable with sneaker and sunglasses. Immediately catching is the tiger pattern that runs from the arms over to the sides. Other fashionable highlights are the two facings between and under the chest, whereby the lower one features a hidden chest pocket. Don and open the jacket with the help of half-zipper on the chest and the lower zipper at the side to allow for good ventilation in in-between weather. The inside is lined with cuddly polar fleece and taffeta. Farba: black/snowtiger Zloženie: Futter 1: 100% Polyester, polar fleece , 150 GSMFutter 2: 100% Polyester, 230 T Tafeta, 68 GSMOberstoff 1: 100% Nylon, 40 D Nylon, 58 GSMWattierung: 100% Polyester, sleeve :800# polyester padding,

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